gsutil signurl

Generating signed URLs with gsutil Signed urls are a way to share time limited access to your google cloud storage files to anyone with the link, google account not required.

gsutil error: "module 'base64' has no attribute 'decodestring'"

gsutil is a command line tool in the google cloud sdk package that enables us interact with Google Cloud Storage Buckets.

CVE-WeBull-DoesntCare: WeBull, Exposure of Sensitive Information to an Unauthorized Actor

Potential Abuse This vulnerability results in a threat actor potentially having access to PII of an unknowing subject.

1-Click Global Honeypot Network

Hey everyone, in this post we’re going to expand on a few of my past posts.

Tribe Of Hackers Blue Team Edition

Tribe Of Hackers: Blue Team has been released and I am overjoyed to share with you that

Yubikey 5C NFC Hands On Review

Hey readers, Im excited to share with you today a look at the newly released Yubico Yubikey 5C.

Catching Flies with Honeypots

A large focus in my career has been threat hunting and incident response.

Service accounts are the reason you’re hacked

Service accounts are wonderful tools. They enable us to have role based access control without the need of human intervention.

Terraform on GCP - DFIR Lab Hello World!

This is part 3 in an on going series on deploying a simple forensics lab in Google Cloud Platform.

One Click Forensics Lab in the Cloud

In part one of this series we covered initial automating of our cloud forensics laboratory.