gsutil TypeError: cannot pickle '_io.TextIOWrapper' object

If you’re trying to copy files or otherwise interact with google cloud storage buckets using gsutil and end up having an error similar to the one below, there is a solution!

Cannot autolaunch D-Bus without X11 $DISPLAY

Are you receiving the following error trying to login to docker (in a cloud managed instance)?

Free security tokens for free speech organizations and groups!

Yubico for Free Speech Program Today Yubico announced a new initiative to support the security posture of organizations who support the mission of defending a free and open internet.

Automating Deploys with Bash scripting and Google Cloud SDK

You don’t have to know terraform, ansible, chef, puppet, or any other Infrastructure-as-Code (IAC) tools to automate your deployments on Google Cloud Platform.

Will the owner of please stand up?

I got linked to a joinantifa[.]com late last night and what a cluster f it is.

Using this one simple trick you can cut your compute costs by as much as 80%!

Okay! Now that I got your attention let me tell you how you can lower your compute costs with minimal change to your existing infrastructure or deployment scripts.

I’m a certified Associate Cloud Engineer!

It’s official everyone! I passed the Google Cloud Platform Associate Cloud Engineer exam!

Personal Security Posture++

What is that thing? What’s pictured in the box is a YubiKey Hardware Security Token.

Social Media Accounts Shouldn't Be Static! 💃🏽

Inspired by other posts across the Internet This Video Has 15,608,459 Views - YouTube

Companies Hiring During Uncertain Times

These companies below are currently hiring during these very uncertain times.