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I have focused on fighting for the user and defending networks that support small and large companies, private and public. At each step I've written scripts, tools, and engineered solutions to increase our overall security posture. My product Data Drifter, was released to the public August 1, and since has been used to report a number of breaches and data leaks. This action has resulted in a net positive in the public's privacy and internet security.

Bucket Miner

Bucket Miner is a lightweight bucket visualization tool. Easily view the contents of publicaly accessable Amazon S3 and Google Cloud storage buckets.

Data Drifter

Data Drifter Shutdown January 10th, 2020

Data Drifter provides you the ability to review large publicly accessible datasets rapidly and through unorthodox means. Making full use of visualization as an important and key tool in any information security professionals toolkit. Data Drifter currently supports analysis of open buckets hosted on AWS and GCP.

๐ŸŒURL Shortener -

A simple and elegant URL shortener service. screenshot

Face Hash

Identicons are quirky little things you’ve undoubtedly seen all over the internet. They’re these weird geometric patterns and they are a visual identifier of a hash value. I’d like to present to you all a new type of identicon microservice that lives more in the uncanny valley of uniqueness.

Block “Big Brother” Rule Groups For Little Snitch

A collection of feeds of known โ€œBig Brotherโ€ (Google, Microsoft, Facebook) domains to block for Little Snitch Firewall.

The Intersection of Blockchain & Cybersecurity

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