#OSINT Technique - Google Dorking

Fri, Dec 13, 2019 2-minute read

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OSINT Technique - Google Dorking

Google has a lot of power built into it’s search bar. It’s one of many tools used by #infosec to perform Open Source INTelligence research. Here are some dorks to find items of interest, edit and try them out! πŸ”Ž


Searching a specific site and its subdomains πŸͺ

You don’t have to search the entire internet, you can focus a search to a specific site and its subdomains.

  • site: twitter.com 0xBanana
  • site: cnn.com juggling

Searching for a specific filetype

There are so many file types out there, using the filetype operator we can focus on types of interest.

Want to find: Videos? Documents? Zips? Try it out!

  • filetype: pdf
  • filetype: pptx

All formats πŸ‘‡πŸ½

In the title of the page πŸ“°

Page titles tell us a lot about the page we’re looking at and can be common across tools, companies, and developers. They’re short and usually have important information or keywords in them.

  • intitle:“index of”
  • intitle: login

In the text of the page πŸ“œ

Searches for specific text contained on any web page, wrap multiple words in quotes.

  • intext:“Host Vulnerability Summary Report”
  • intext:“Network Vulnerability Summary Report”
  • intext:“Executive Summary”

Multiple Fields πŸ“

Some operators can be mixed while others can only be used alone. See img

  • site:cnn.com filetype:“xls | xlsx | doc | docx | ppt | pptx | pdf” (filetype OR)
  • site:cnn.com intext:“Japan” intext:“Juggling” intext:“emperor” (text AND)

What are some google dorks that you like? What sort of things are you interested in finding?

  • File Dumps?
  • Corporate Secrets?
  • Login Portals?
  • Criminal Enterprises?

Share below!

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