Spyglass Security releases its flagship product, Data Drifter

Thu, Aug 15, 2019 2-minute read

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Spyglass Security, announces the release of their flagship product, Data Drifter

Information security research reimagined

Spyglass Security, a boutique cybersecurity consultancy, announced the release of their flagship product, Data Drifter, Information security research reimagined. Data Drifter is a SaaS platform designed to provide information security researchers a new way to view, analyze, and interact with large datasets. With intuitive and clean interfaces Data Drifter empowers research anywhere, any time, on any device. Data Drifter provides you the ability to review large publicly accessible datasets rapidly and through unorthodox means. Making full use of visualization as an important and key tool in any information security professionals toolkit. Data Drifter currently supports analysis of open buckets hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

Drift On

Images, Videos, Texts, endless content at your fingertips. A flick of the wrist, or just sit back and relax and let the drift take you through the database enabling anyone to identify items of interest quickly and effortlessly. Infinite scroll wall of images.

Data Drifter Screenshot

For those looking to dig deeper Data Drifter offers a paid version giving you access to the pro feature set, drift drill down, bucket details, and full database access. Free accounts are limited to 1% of the available dataset, roughly 2,000,000 files.

Sporting an initial release database with over 200 million indexed files totaling over 240 TB of data from publicly accessible storage buckets, and simple to use interface what will you find? Get started today at https://datadrifter.xyz!