Finding Your Writing Workflow

Tue, Feb 11, 2020 2-minute read

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The most powerful tool we have to reach our goals is consistency.

Life doesn’t always allow for time boxing, finding ways to utilize the small time chunks here and there are major keys to success in my opinion and experience.

I’ve enjoyed writing more the last year and most of it gets posted on and this blog. Both use markdown to style posts so naturally I’d be using a notes editor styled similarly, and for this I use Bear. It’s got some neat features and sync’s across my devices but more importantly uses markdown styling and does it in a very elegant way.

Great so we’ve got an easy way to write and format writings consistently across devices; the last thing I want is to be unable to finish a piece of writing, or have Yet Another Unfinished Piece.

This blog uses HUGO to produce a statically generated website. Static sites are faster, have less chance of exploration, and have faster load times.

The site is stored on GitHub, and deployed to netlify upon update.

All the pieces are stating to come together!

The hardest part of this puzzle of streamlined posts and consistency was having a content management system for this blog.

One of the best things about being out of the loop on various technologies is finding neat projects that blow you away and solve a pain point you didn’t realize you had.

So I just found out about a CMS for static sites. Logging in with GitHub I have access to the needed repos and have a slick and intuitive interface to write_edit_delete posts or make changes to most things on the site.

Previously I needed to use my laptop to modify the repo and rebuild the site manually, so this new workflow is really exciting and feels very agile.

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