Free security tokens for free speech organizations and groups!

Tue, Aug 25, 2020 One-minute read

Yubico for Free Speech Program

Today Yubico announced a new initiative to support the security posture of organizations who support the mission of defending a free and open internet.

They state that for every 20 keys sold on the Yubico store, they will donate 1 key to journalists, activists, and vulnerable populations. For those that would otherwise not be aware, interested, or able to afford a hardware token (or two, one as a backup), this is a great opportunity to get some extra security support.

You can read the official blog post 👉🏼 here
Apply here on their survicate[.] form 👉🏼 here

For those looking to upgrade their personal security and support a good cause now is a good time to pick a couple up for yourself. I have a 5Ci and love it - you can read my post on it for my experience and thoughts.

I look forward to seeing more companies step up and do something to support a free and open internet.

If you have any questions about getting a security token, using one, or anything else that has to do with personal internet security, don’t hesitate to reach out on twitter - @0xbanana