Identicons in the Uncanny Valley

Tue, Oct 8, 2019 One-minute read

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Identicons are quirky little things you’ve undoubtedly seen all over the internet. They’re these weird geometric patterns and they are a visual identifier of a hash value. Here are some places you’ve probably seen these cute shapes:

  • Github
  • Gravatar
  • Wordpress

I originally came up with this idea to be used as an easy means of >visually distinguishing multiple units of information, anything that can >be reduced to bits. It’s not just IPs but also people, places, and >things. IMHO, too much of the web what we read are textual or numeric >information which are not easy to distinguish at a glance when they are >jumbled up together. So I think adding visual identifiers will make the >user experience much more enjoyable. β€” Don Park, Creator of Identicons

I’d like to present to you all a new type of identicon microservice that lives more in the uncanny valley of uniqueness.

Introducing Face Hash! πŸŽ‰

Face Hash - Identicon Uncanny Valley

Supply your own text or hash, and get back the same unique face every time! Feel free to hotlink to embed these face identicons in any of your upcoming applications!

Hotlinks can point to<hash>

If you use this in your next project drop me a line!

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